About Us


An idea born during a Singapore Fair where the two brothers,coming from a background of woodworking of over 70 years , had a stand and here they met Tom Kelley. Initially just talking about the famous Jodhpur “minestrone “ (Veggie-Soup) what means all the same products. The topic changed later to the tradition of the Handicraft of Rajasthan.And here the idea struck the three: what when connecting timeless Scandinavian classical design aspects with local capabilities of those fortunately still existing craftsmen. Already in the following Springfair in Delhi the first attention drawing samples were shown.


Basic Concept

Is a look back to the tradition without riding the Retro-wave. All pieces are proudly handmade in Jodhpur , which causes automatically pieces always slightly different from each other.



To fight the practice to buy cheap in Asia and sell for good prices in EU and US (mostly copied and re-copied) products which “buyers” brought , knowing India and the same lack of respect for design, originals, intellectual property etc.



No children work and strictly local materials. Trends yes, fashion no !



“Ideas instead of stupid copies” - knowing no Pizza is growing when cut.